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As an essential amino acid, lysine is not synthesized in animals, hence it must be ingested as lysine or lysine-containing proteins. In plants and most bacteria, it is synthesized from aspartic acid. Good sources of lysine are high-protein foods such as eggs, meat (specifically red meat, lamb, pork, and poultry), soy, beans and peas, cheese (particularly Parmesan), and certain fish (such as cod and sardines). Lysine is the limiting amino acid (the essential amino acid found in the smallest quantity in the particular foodstuff) in most cereal grains, but is plentiful in most pulses (legumes).

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1Kg L-Lysine powder

  • Ingredients1kg L-lysine, pure L-lysine powder
  • suggested daily intake: 2g L-lysine (equals two measuring spoons), twice a day
  • Content: 1kg
  • taste: powder is tasteless
  • solubility: L-lysine dissolves in water easily.
  • appearance: white, chrystalline powder
  • smell: neutral smell
  • EAN: 0707571893726
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19,99 EUR per 1kg
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